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  • Precise transportation to any location

  • Improve job site safety

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    Increase your productivity, cost-effectiveness and safety with our helicopter lift services. Our team of skilled pilots and fleet of well-maintained aircraft can provide precise delivery of heavy cargo to difficult job sites across the country.

    You want a team that can handle the job. You want Skydance Helicopters.


    High altitude mountain flying and precision external load operations is our specialty. We have the equipment and pilots to accomplish most any task for our clients. Examples of previous projects include:

    • HVAC rooftop placement
    • External load operations
    • Tower construction
    • Precision long line installations
    • Helicopter lifting in high altitude mountain environments


    With a variety of different aircraft, we can tailor our services to meet the needs of any client.


    Max External Load: 8000 Lbs

    • Heavy Lifting
    • High Stability
    • Incredible Safety

    Summary: The Blackhawk may be the most famous helicopter in the world. The conversion of this aircraft from military to civilian operations is a gamechanger for the construction industry.

    It’s incredible lift capacity combined with the ability to stay in the air if one of the engines quits brings a level of safety to the industry that’s perfect for heavy lift projects like HVAC placement in urban environments.

    LAMA SA 315B

    Max External Load: 2500 Lbs

    • High Altitude Flying
    • Precision Pole Placement
    • Cargo Transport

    Summary: The Lama is the King of High Altitude Hot and High Operations. Originally designed for operations in the Himalayan Mountains. This is one of the only helicopters ever made for payload first and people moving second.

    This helicopter set the world altitude record. There is no helicopter that does a better job of precision pole placement.

    ASTAR AS-350B3

    Max External Load: 2500 Lbs

    • External Cargo Transport
    • High Altitude Flying
    • People Moving

    Summary: The Astar is a powerful, stable, multi-mission aerial platform. A large cabin allows for multiple configurations such as people moving, stretchers, cinematography, and internal cargo moving.

    Due to the Astar’s power, stability and high altitude performance the USFS has designated this their Human External Cargo helicopter of choice.

    500 MD

    Max External Load: 1500 Lbs

    • Hot Conditions
    • Mountainous Terrain
    • Wire Pulling

    Summary: The MD530F is a more powerful version of the MD 500D with a larger engine and better hot and high performance making it a great helicopter for high temperature summer days or working in mountainous terrain.

    This helicopter is the helicopter choice for pulling wire/rope in hot or high conditions.


    Accuracy, safety and efficiency are what you can expect from our team. Find out how we can help you accomplish your goals. Contact us today for more information about our helicopter lift services.

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