In business over 30 years, Skydance is one of the oldest and most experienced helicopter companies.

Skydance offers an exceptional safety record as well as a courteous and professional support staff.


An experienced, skilled pilot operating a well maintained aircraft supported by a company that is solution oriented, and tested over time.
For the customer it translates into increased productivity, cost effectiveness, and above all, safety. For Skydance it means a reputation and credibility where our customers are truly our best reference.


All Skydance aircraft are suited to meet the needs of even the most demanding jobs. With a variety of different aircraft, we can tailor our services to meet any client’s needs. We are all inclusive service, providing the best in-house maintenance, fuel logistics and highly qualified operations management.


memberCeLogo_smallSkydance Helicopters PRISM Subscriber LogoThe past year, Skydance sought to streamline how it tracks our employees day to day operations, as well as how our safety program works, and implemented the best Safety Management System (SMS) in the business, PRISM Aviation Research by ARGUS International. Though SMS is not new to Skydance, this program integrates what Skydance has learned over its 30 plus year history into an easy to use system. By allowing pilots, mechanics, and all other personnel to report hazardous activities, or incidents, remotely, our new SMS lets management track potential threats to safety in an easy to use format, and relay that information to all employees with the click of a button. The program further streamlines Skydance management’s ability to internally audit how our business operates, and is putting Skydance on track to become IS-BAO certified in the future.

Our director of operations knows how crucial safety is to our operation, and stresses its importance daily. By only selecting the most qualified personnel at day one, to maintaining our aircraft to the highest standards, and providing in house GPS flight following, the Skydance team works every day to maintain a safe operation.

Safety has always been top priority at Skydance Helicopters, and our safety record backs up that claim. However, maintaining that level doesn’t happen by chance.


Skydance’s mission is to offer an exceptional safety record as well as a courteous and professional support to get the most demanding of jobs done on time.


To be the top service provider in the aviation industry. We are upholding the latest standards, and certifications and have top-notch service mechanics working on our aircraft.


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We are a certified Woman-Owned Business

Peggy Cain


Peggy Cain is Chief Executive Officer and President of Skydance and has been with the company since its inception.  Peggy began as a fuel truck driver and helper that gave her a special understanding of daily operations from the ground up.  Since then, Peggy’s talents have expanded into key management and executive responsibilities including supervision of daily operations, fields/productions, and personnel; hiring responsibilities; fiscal management; marketing and sales operations.  The financial backbone of the company, Peggy is accredited for keen negotiation skills in mergers and acquisitions that led to Skydance’s success in many ventures.  

Jeffrey Cain

Director of Operations

Having grown up in the aviation industry, Jeff brings a lifetime of experience to the company he created over 30 years ago. With both fixed wing experience, and countless hours in helicopters, Jeff has flown around the globe. Wild animal capture and survey in a Hughes 500, to fire fighting in SA315B Lama, Jeff has done it.  Skydance’s excellent safety record and customer satisfaction are due to Jeff’s knowledge of aviation, hands on approach to management, and keen sense of business.  Jeff’s area of expertise extends to the oil and natural gas industry, aircraft overhaul and sales, and working with government agencies to obtain work opportunities, all while maintaining compliance with FAA standards.

Erik Schildroth

Chief Pilot

Erik is the Chief Pilot at Skydance Helicopters, and has brought a multitude of skills to Skydance Helicopters. His unique ability to work as a helicopter pilot in all situations, whether it be Heli-Portable drilling, to Forest Service missions, as well as his knowledge of all FAA regulations make him invaluable as Chief Pilot at Skydance.

Gregory Altringer

Office Manager

Greg oversees all operations that occur in the office setting of Skydance. He brings his experience from his time spent in the military, he was one of the first to set foot in Operation Desert Storm. He has also helped manage one of the largest home construction businesses in the Midwest. All of Greg’s skills contribute to his duties, which include 135, 133, and 137 manual upkeep, financial management, marketing, and scheduling just to name a few.

Mary James

Executive Assistant

Mary oversees all operations that occur in the office setting of Skydance.


Skydance Helicopters provides a number of valuable aviation consulting services. More than 30 years of world-class flight services, and our impeccable safety record distinguishes our capabilities and professionalism.

Operational Advice

Expert Witness

Operational Expensing

Low-Cost Operations

Firefighting Techniques

Business Guidance

Market Assessment

Ground Operations

Private Contracts

Flight Safety

Client Services

Career Counseling

Flight Operations (Touchdown & Liftoff)

Exploration, Survey & Geological Technique

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)